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Ventura | Nature Emotions is a nature tourism company based in Madeira Island, Portugal With a clear ambition - to organize whale & dolphin watching tours, birdwatching tours and outdoor activities around Madeira Island, Desertas Islands and Selvagens Islands on a classic sailing boat.

Since 2000, we give the opportunity to watch several species of marine mammals. We have in our team people with great motivation and experience in the several fields like marine biologists, skippers, guides and tour leaders, and tour managers that, associated to the always present professionalism, contributes to a pleased atmosphere during our programmes and the most enjoyable guided tours. Ventura | Nature Emotions is totally committed to the conservation of our natural world and likes to give to all that came in our tours a different experience of seeing the natural species. We think that is a need to have correct knowledge of the species and their habitats to have a successful conservation attitude.

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Our friendly knowledgeable team is the key to the excellent service levels we provide our customers, many of whom visit us, year after year. All together we try to offer the best quality and comfort in any programme or tour organized. We proudly say that many customers from all around the world became good friends.

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If you would like to book one of our activities or have any further questions, feel free to contact us using the details below.
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