Photo Tours are open to all that are nature enthusiasts, you will enjoy this varied journey through Madeira Island. The Macaronesian subtropical mountain humid forests that characterize Madeira Archipelago and has been termed "laurisilva" include a flora and fauna quite exceptional and constitutes an extremely important ecosystem type that is rare worldwide. Madeira's flora comprises about 1.226 species of vascular plants, including two endemic genera (Chamaemeles and Musschia) and over 120 Macaronesian endemic species, 66 of these are strictly endemic to Madeira. There are 11 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) within the archipelago with 42 species of birds breeding here. Four birds species are endemic to Madeira, Zino's petrel (Pterodroma madeira), Fea’s petrel (P. fea), the Trocaz pigeon or Long-toed wood pigeon (Columba trocaz) and Madeira Firecrest Regulus madeirensis, all considered globally threatened. More than 500 endemic invertebrates also form part of the laurisilva, including many molluscs, insects, and spiders. So you if you want to feel part of this biodiversity, our guide will lead you through a very rich environmental journey, visiting some remarkable places. After the pick-up in a place previous combined, our guide will make a detailed briefing about the tour, showing you the several options. A typical and regional lunch could be included as an option.

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