Whale & Dolphin Watching

Whale and Dolphin Watching could be an incredible experience for all, adults and children's. The observation of these magnificent marine mammals in they natural habitat are a moment that stays forever in our memory. The waters in Madeira Island are very rich in cetaceans: marine mammals that live exclusively in an aquatic (...)

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Birdwatching became a worldwide activity during the last decades. In Madeira Islands, the VENTURA | nature emotions started getting a serious interest on this field since 2000, contributing to the knowledge of marine birds life on this archipelago promoting birdwatching trips, to Desertas Islands and Selvagens Islands, promoting contacts between (...)

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Desertas Islands Tours

The Desertas Islands belong to the Madeiran archipelago and are located 11 miles SE of the main island (Madeira) and 21 nautical miles from Funchal harbour. Ilhéu Chão, Deserta Grande and Bugio comprise this sub-archipelago. In 1990 the Desertas became a Nature Reserve, comprising the islands themselves and the surrounding (...)

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Canyoning consist in abseiling through canyons, down waterfalls and walking on narrow and winding gorges, shaped on small rivers, swim on clear waters of natural swimming pools and experience jumps to the water crossing different stage levels of the waterfalls trough ropes maneuvers and mountain equipments.
Meet unusual and astonishing (...)

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Selvagens Islands Tours

Sailing tours to Selvagens Islands to observe and photograph wildlife, with particular interest on seawatching and birdwatching.

At about 165 nautical miles south the Madeira Island , Selvagens Islands are composed by Selvagem Grande and Selvagem Pequena, classified Natural Reserve and Net Natura 2000, and they are under the protection (...)

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Photo Tours

Photo Tours are open to all that are nature enthusiasts, you will enjoy this varied journey through Madeira Island. The Macaronesian subtropical mountain humid forests that characterize Madeira Archipelago and has been termed "laurisilva" include a flora and fauna quite exceptional and constitutes an extremely important ecosystem type that is (...)

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Boat Charters

The classical motor-sailor boat "Ventura do Mar" can also be charted to go to a destination of your choice within the Archipelago of Madeira, even for a few days. With our experienced team, you can arrange a pleasant and high-quality programme at your desires. It can be hired, for example, for a group of divers, (...)

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