As part of the support of research institutes and conservation groups which promote a better understanding of Madeira Archipelago natural heritage, the Ventura do Mar proudly collaborate with the following organizations in the continue effort to accurate knowledge of the species and their habitats to achieve a successful conservation attitude.
This responsible approach to the nature is often recognized by visitors and one of the reasons for the success of this eco-tourism company.

The Centre for Macaronesian Studies (CEM) of the University of Madeira.
Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA)The major aim of the project developed during a professional period of training (by Dra. Fátima Santos) and during a curricular period of training comprise on the degree in Biology (by Valentyna Chan) consists on the taxonomy and phytoplankton seaweed identification for the establishment of a database in relation to the marine microweeds that occur in Madeira waters and in the identification of the seasonality of the reproduction of some benthonic marine invertebrates like barnacles and echinoderms, through the detention and quantification of the plankton larvae. These works are being developed by the Department of Biology and the Centre of Macaronesian Studies of the University of Madeira and coordinate by the Assistant Professor Dr. Manfred Kaufmann.

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Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds is the Portuguese BirdLife International Partner. The mission of this organization is to work towards the study and the conservation of wild birds and their habitats by promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the future generations.
Project of collaboration between SPEA-Madeira and Ventura do Mar:
    •    On July 2003 the SPEA-Madeira signed a collaboration protocol with the eco-tourism company Horizonte do Atlântico, Lda, owner the classic yacht Ventura do Mar with the propose of organize pelagic tours on the Madeira Archipelago, and the elaboration of a register concerning the seabirds of the Archipelago with an observer onboard the Ventura do Mar boat trips.
    •    According the protocol signed, all the SPEA members that wish to take a boat tour with Ventura do Mar have 40% discount in the official price announced, being necessary contact the SPEA-Madeira previously. For more information about the protocol please contact the SPEA-Madeira Headquarters.
    •    During the last years, SPEA-Madeira made several visits to the Desertas Archipelago. There is the possibility of planning a trip to the Selvagens Islands. For conditions and details contact SPEA-Madeira Headquarters

Madeira Whale Museum
Project MACETUS The Ventura do Mar is associated to the 'Museu da Baleia'- Whale Museum through a voluntary cetacean observation program, which has a primary objective following some rules to achieve harmony with natural habitat (or with smallest amount of contrast possible).


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