As a responsible eco-tourism company, Ventura do Mar recognizes the international and national concern over sustainable tourism issues - those surrounding the impact of tourism on the culture, environment and ecology of holiday destinations.
The Ventura do Mar aims to give guests a greater understanding of the Madeira natural and cultural heritage and also give to our passengers a memorable experience during our fantastic programs. Following an environmental policy aimed at minimizing the impact of its own operations in this area and a code of practice that ensure that we will take care of, and respect the marine environment and help safeguard wildlife, some of these memorable experiences relate to getting close to nature and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Madeira Islands, their wildlife and culture.
Our guides have great knowledge, experience and leadership that facilitate to provide people the holiday they are looking for. Many have complementary skills such as wildlife photography, adding value to holidays and others are specialists in seabirds or cetaceans giving excellent information of wildlife.
We prefer and keep groups small. On the sea programs or in land tours small groups are essential, not only to benefit the wildlife being observed but also to guarantee more intimate wildlife. A quality approach is preferred rather than quantity. We like to ensure to our guests that they can enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat without the threat of disturbance.
The Ventura do Mar is totally committed to the conservation of our natural world and likes to give to all that take part in our tours a different experience of watching the natural species. We believe that should have a correct knowledge of the species and their habitats to have a successful conservation attitude.

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